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Artsy Photography?

Our Media section is where the remaining miscellanious web design services are on display. Not only can we design your business a graphically rich website with a strong logo and branding identity, we can also handle all of the other details outlined below.

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Video Editing & Embedding
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& Image Editing

We offer custom photography packages. If you are using any of our services for a website or anything printed our photography services are always included!

Photography and Image editing

Photography of your restaurant

Photography of your place of business [ examples ]

Food Photography

Food Photography!

Marketing Photography

Photography for your marketing

Group photography with Shy Violet

Photography of your music group / band!

Group Photography with Rebel Highway

Group Photography...

Band photography with Rebel Highway

...then custom edited for your website! [ example ]

Artsy photography at Effigy Salon in Elmhurst, IL

Artsy photography at Effigy Salon in Elmhurst, IL

Blue Piano print available on Etsy

More artsy photography! We sell this print on Etsy

Photo editing with JD Norman Industries

Photography of your place of business...

Photography editing of JD Norman Industries

....then edited for your marketing!

Photography and Image Editing

Photography + design We sell this print on Etsy

Photography and logos with the Dupage Dragons

Photography + logos with the Dupage Dragons


We can create & edit HD videos. Either from scratch or with any currently existing video you may have. Using Youtube to host the video, we can incorporate streaming HD video by EMBEDDING any video under 10 minutes on to your website. Utilizing youtube's FREE video hosting & streaming bandwidth saves your precious hosting space & bandwidth! We handle everything.

Stoltz Design Video

Motion Graphics

The below video was developed entirely by us. ALL GRAPHICS, animation, logos, photography, recording & music. (The only thing we DIDN'T do was write the narration!)


This video showcases ALL of our combined abilities into one 30 second animation:

arrow Text & graphics
arrow Photography (still images, think slideshow)
arrow Recorded narration (we have a portable studio)
arrow Royalty free music

We can provide final video in HD format or via DVD. On our end, we upload it to Youtube, and embed it on to your website! [ contact us ]


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Media FAQ's

Whats my involvement? Can we make edits?

arrow Of course, we want you to be a part of the process as much as possible. We'll storyboard video ideas together, you'll tell us what photography is needed, explain to us what pictures you need edited, etc. We can handle whatever is necessary. From editing to getting it online.

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I have a particular idea in mind, is it flash or video?

arrow I guess that depends. It could be a bit of both. Contact us and we can discuss your needs.

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I have a video on DVD, VHS, 8mm! Can you help?

arrow Yes we can. We can convert any format you have. DVD, vhs, 8mm, etc. We can supply the converted video on a DVD or whatever video file type you require. We also have the capabilities to stream your video on your website.

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I only need a few edits. Or none at all. That ok?

arrow Of course. Every project is custom, so we understand. We can do as little, or as many *extras*, as you need!

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So Stoltz Design offers professional photography services?

arrow We wouldn't go that far. Our primary expertise is graphic design. We don't do weddings or anything like that! But on the bright side, we have a nice camera and some good ideas. We've had a few clients say we speciaize in artsy photography so thats cool. We think some of the results speak for themselves as far as quality goes. We can turn ideas into the real thing and come in alot cheaper than a "professional photographer".

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How much do your photography services cost?

arrow It depends on what you need photographed. If you order a website or brochure from us the photography and image editing are included in the price. If you require a few good shots of your location that would be cheaper then if you needed headshots taken of 20 employees, for example. Then we need to determine if any custom image editing is needed. No matter what the needs are, contact us today with your ideas. We specialize in artsy photography!

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So you guys make electronic music, eh?

arrow Yes we do. We've been creating it, in 1 shape or form, since 1999. We do it for the love of it and give it away free of charge. if you want to use some of our music, or need something custom produced, for a project, let us know!
Visit [ ] to instantly stream and download our music free of charge!

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I need something custom. I don't see it here.

arrow We can handle alot of small, custom, sometimes odd, orders for people. Contact us today with random questions.


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