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Frequently Asked Questions

Our ever growing list of Frequently Asked Questions aka FAQs. Our list of Q & A's is an ever growing, always expanding, reference pag of sorts. Please browse for any lingering questions you may need answering.


Where do we begin?

arrow It all starts when you contact us. You can reach us by email, phone, or through our convenient online form.  We can help with the big things like your logo or website as well as the small things like getting you an effective domain name, setting up your company email, or setting you up with some slick business cards, the list goes on...


Whats my involvement? Will my ideas be considered?

arrow Of course they will, we want you to be a part of the process as much as possible! At our initial meeting we can share ideas and concepts for your logo, website, printing needs, you name it. We can get do whatever "look" you are going for, or we can consult you on a look based on our experience in the graphic design business. No matter what we always put your needs at the highest priority. A job may seem overwhelming but a lot of times we can put things in perspective and offer solutions that you may not have even considered.

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What if I'm not creative or know anything about websites?

arrow That's ok. We can consult you every step of the way. You just have to know how to EXPLAIN your business and we will take it from there. We can help with developing your company a strong brand, effectively structure your web content, getting you a good domain name, helping you set-up an email account, the list goes on. We know the right questions to ask so don't worry.


Can I see my project's progress? Can I make changes?

arrow The client is always kept in the loop with progress of their project. We present proof(s) to the client at certain stages of the projects development, and wait for approval, or changes, before we continue work. This generally occurs 1-4 times during the entire process depending on the size of the project. Your ideas are always considered.

When working on a website we host the "in progress" site on our temp-server until it "goes live". Our clients can view its progress online during every step. Pretty crucial we think.


How does the process work?


Website Design Process

1. We get together, correspond via email, or talk on the phone. Depending on complexity, 15-60 minutes of your time. We discuss your needs and we ask the right questions. Based on what you are looking for, we will build you a custom wireframe / organizational tree of your website and lay out all the pricing options & optional upgrades (like hosting explained next).

2. In order for a website to be on the internet, it needs web hosting. We can have you set up in minutes. If you don't have a domain name ( we can help with that too. Once your hosting is set-up we will create you a FREE custom "splash page" (a simple 1-page website with logo & contact info only) while we work on the REAL website. Our hosting packages also have email hosting so you can begin using your new email address ( right away.

3. The design process all starts with the home page. Nailing down a structure and look early on is very important. We will send you a temporary home address on our servers. You can track its progress online while we work on it together editing, tweeking, etc. until you are satisfied and ready for work to begin on the remaining pages. Work on the remaining pages doesn't begin until the homepage is completed and approved.


4. The remaining pages are subsequently worked on and proofed with you. We can work with you on any needed photography or stock imagery ideas you have in mind. If you need someone to write your site's content we can help with that too. Just like the homepage you review each page and let us know about any changes.


5. Once completed and final payment is made, website goes live immediately! If you will be wanting to update the website yourself our Website Editor will also be set-up enabling you to edit your site immediately!


Logo Process
1. You contact us, we discuss your needs
2. We create you 5 concepts with varying degress of styles
3. One is chosen. 1-2 more rounds are then worked on until you are satisfied
4. FINAL logo is chosen, then provided to you via email or CDR (all popular file formats)


1. We discuss your needs. We then create your concept.
2. We edit it together. Any adjustments you want are implemented and we proof it with you via email.
3. You approve and "green light" for design for print. Turnaround on print items are 3-7 days depending on the product needed. We then hand deliver it or ship it to your home or business at no additional charge.


Photography :: Any location in the Chicagoland area. We offer free photography with all websites. We supply hi-res photos via email or CDR. [ examples ]
Photo Editing :: Tell us what you need and we can proof it with you via email. [ examples ]
Video :: We can convert your videos into youtube clips and embed them on your website. if you need text added, or need it edited for length, or perhaps need music, we can do that for you too.


Can we make downpayments on the larger projects?


Websites and Logos
arrow Yes you can, once we provide you with a custom wireframe / organizational tree based on what we discussed, a downpayment of around 25-33% is required to get us going on the graphics and development end. Upon delivery of completed project the final payment will be required.


Web Hosting & Website Editor
arrow Payment is pre-paid for the entire year - starting from the day the hosting / website editor goes live.


arrow Yes, just like websites, a downpayment will be needed before graphical work can begin.


Printing & Media
arrow Full payment is due immediately upon delivery of products. If you are local we will deliver you the product. If not we will gladly have your order shipped to your home or business at no additional charge. We have very competitive prices on our custom designed printing packages. Same thing would apply for our media services.


Small Projects
arrow Any work needed (however small) will have a minumum charge of $65. We can generally turn it around in 1-2 days.


Forms of Payments we Accept
arrow The 2 easiest forms of payment for us are checks (written out to Stoltz Design, Ltd.) or paypal.

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Can we make edits to our website?

arrow Yes you can. Web based too. You can log-in and edit your site's content without know anything about html. If you can edit a Word Document you can edit one of your websites. Edit text, edit pictures, all with the ability to preview.

Our system is web based and requires no additional software. You can update your site's content in seconds!

More information on our Hosting & Website Editor packages

What is Web Hosting? Do I need it for my website?

arrow YES you do. Consider webhosting a A virtual HOME for your website & email. In order to have a website on the internet, it needs online storage. We also include a very powerful control panel for creating email addresses, checking web traffic & stats, etc. Our control panel is very easy to use!


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I only need something VERY simple, can you help?

We get it, you only need something simple. Or small. Let us know what you have in mind. We do have a $65 minimum for things like this.


Do you offer custom services not listed here?

arrow Alot of times yes. If you can think it, we can create it and get it printed. Just because it's not listed doesn't mean we can't do it for you. Over the years we have designed many different things for clients. Power Point Presentations, cd covers, t-shirts, gift certificates, magnets, wine bottles, etc. You name it! Just contact us today with your custom project and we'll see what we can do.

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Where is Villa Park, Illinois? I'm in another state.

arrow That's ok, our list of clients in other states is always growing. Instead of meeting in person we have all of our "meetings" via phone calls or email exchanges. Contact us today if you have any questions!

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Once work is complete, who owns the copyright?

arrow Copyright and full ownership is yours upon receipt of final payment. If we like it though, we may use it for promotional purposes, mainly on this website, or for showing examples to perspective clients. We do not offer legal copyrighting services but we encourage you to research that service yourself!



What's with the mantis?

arrow We get that question alot. AND NO, its not a grass hopper. We pretty much took the same approach Bruce Wayne did when he conquered his fears of bats. Kinda like us, only we once feared the mighty praying mantis as a child. These days we like them and watch documentaries on them. They are awesome. Proven by this video of a mantis trying to eat a snake. Pretty cool stuff:


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